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HOW to support us


Align with Studio Upstairs as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility and you will be making a difference to many people experiencing mental health difficulties and emotional distress.

A charity partnership with Studio Upstairs will not only help provide a safe and therapeutic environment to facilitate healing and growth for many in our community, but could:

  • Raise your brand profile

  • Engage your clients

  • Improve CSR

  • Differentiate your product/brand from competitors

  • Generate media coverage

  • Improve brand loyalty

  • Boost staff morale and satisfaction

There are many ways you can engage with Studio Upstairs:


Make your money make a difference and work for a good cause .Your pledge of £10 will cost you £8 as a basic taxpayer, £6 as a higher rate taxpayer and only £5 if you pay the highest rate of tax.


The scheme offers potential employer match-funding, which benefits all parties:

  • Supporting your choice and fundraising as donor.

  • Increases your donation to Studio Upstairs.

  • Your employers will enjoy improved Corporate Social Responsibility, boosting employee morale, team-building, which aids recruitment. Company donations are tax deductible. Tax relief on company donation.

  • Provides a reliable income stream for Studio Upstairs.

Making Studio Upstairs your office charity of the year redoubles your gift and will very much help extend the reach of our work and establish regular artistic activity nationwide.

Giveall2Charity is approved and monitored by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the purposes of Payroll Giving.



By fundraising for Studio Upstairs you are not only raising crucial funds to support adults facing challenging circumstances, you are also telling other people about Studio Upstairs and your belief in its work.

You can put together a fun and impactful page to support your fundraising activity which you can link to your Facebook and other social media pages.

You could even hire one of our spaces, run a competition for a piece of our artists work, auction artwork at one of your work events or buy some of our artists artwork for your office walls?

Find out more about Kathleen's story and our impact and see how your money can support people like her. 


Donate to Studio Upstairs and significantly impact the lives of others through creative programs. Your support empowers individuals and contributes to a healthier, more vibrant community.

Track the impact you and your company make:



start fundrasing4SU.png


Does your organisation or business need a creative boost?

Why not spend some time with us in the studio to inspire productivity and creative problem solving.


We provide interactive, artistic well-being workshops and days designed to nurture creative thinking, explore ways to generate ideas and encourage team building in a fun, friendly and informal environment.


Alternatively, if you would prefer to host your own workshop at your place of work, why not purchase our art boxes and create your own studio experience? Our kits are mess free and easy to follow; Perfect for professional environments. 

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