The magic of a gallery

Sitting here in the serene surroundings of the Philadelphia Street gallery in Bristol, host to our current exhibition ‘Drawing Through // Line’, I am truly bowled over by the magic that is ‘a gallery’

Far removed from the down ‘n’ dirty environment that is Studio Upstairs Bristol, a working artists studio in an industrial unit near the harbourside, Philadelphia Street is a bona fide, shiny commercial gallery in the heart of Cabot Circus; and its doing amazing things.

At Studio Upstairs we are quite used to experiencing the gravitas  given to piece of work by framing it, but in Philadelphia Street we are seeing something else happening to the work when it is hung in a commercial gallery…and I can only describe it as magic.

Glistening, slick and professional are the works of art on display here for the next week, but this is no surprise in itself. We know and are constantly championing what truly amazing work our members create. What is unexpected, having seen these pieces of work many times over the last weeks, first in portfolios, then in mounts, then framed and transported, is that they still have the power to wow me now that they are under the shining lights of a gallery space like Philadelphia Street.

Drawing Through // Line is on until 9th September at Philadelphia Street, Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol BS1 3BZ

Daily 10am-7pm, Sunday 11-5pm