‘Cos Every Little Thing: Dalston Studio Exhibition – 28 Jan – 2 Feb 2020


“Cos every little thing is gonna be alright”. The cheerful and reassuring message of Bob Marley’s song has been chosen to represent a new exhibition by artists from Studio Upstairs’ North London studio in Dalston.


This exhibition showcases the work of over 25 artists who attend or work at the studio, demonstrating the creativity, preoccupations, humour and diversity of the Studio Upstairs community. 


“As artists, we make art to explore our experiences of everyday life and use them as raw material in the creative process. In doing so we can make these experiences understandable or acceptable to ourselves and to the world outside.” (studio manager)


Private View

The opening event will take place on Wednesday 29th Jan in the evening. To be invited to attend this celebration and have an opportunity to meet the artists, please email londonstudio@studioupstairs.org.uk.