Surviving or Thriving?: Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Following this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May) Studio Upstairs Dalston attended St. Mungo’s Mental Health Festival held on Friday 19th May at the Calthorpe Project Community Garden, practically an oasis set in an otherwise grey King’s Cross. This year’s theme was ‘Surviving or Thriving’, promoting good mental health beyond just the absence of illness. Despite slightly ominous grey skies, many stalls set up and visitors poured in. Organisations from all over London were represented, including those offering support for issues such as homelessness and unemployment which often intersect with mental health problems and emotional distress.

“It was a brilliant opportunity to meet potential new members, service providers, and care workers alike, letting people know about what we do at Studio Upstairs and learning about other great organisations,” said: Andrea Zapata-Nalsen, Studio Upstairs Office Manager at Dalston.