Leave a Legacy

In Memoriam

Many people choose to give to Studio Upstairs in memory of a loved one in lieu of giving flowers. By coming together your loved one's memory can live on through the lasting gift of promoting creative recovery.

Leave A Legacy

By leaving a legacy in your Will to Studio Upstairs, you are ensuring that the charity can continue its work well into the future. You don’t need to leave a large amount. Every pound makes a difference.

When you make a will, it is a good idea to let your loved ones know that it is important to you to contribute to the work of Studio Upstairs by leaving a bequest.

While you are under no obligation to disclose the contents of your will to anyone, if you decide to include Studio Upstairs in your will, we would love to hear from you.

What kind of legacy you can leave? There are different types of legacy you may wish to consider:

  • You can simply state the amount and write it in your Will. (It is advised that you state the charity’s name, address and registration number)
  • You can leave a percentage share – this doesn’t become eroded by inflation over time. As an example, if your provision is for 5% now, it will still be worth 5% in 20 years time.
  • You can leave a percentage of the value of your estate once your remaining commitments have been met.
  • Some people choose to leave an item of value such as property, antique furniture, artwork or a piece of jewellery.

Knowing your intentions will enable us to thank you for this show of generosity during your lifetime, as well as keep you updated about our work and our future plans.

For a confidential discussion about leaving a legacy to Studio Upstairs, please contact us.