Remote Individual Support

Remote Individual Support: Covid-19

Who is this for?

This is service aims to offer therapeutic support during the Covid-19 crisis to people with mental nealth needs.  They might be interested to develop their creativity while isolating at home and would benefit from regular emotional support from a qualified professional. No prior experience in art-making is required - creativity is considered in widest possible sense.

Our team of qualified theraputic and educational professionals work with adults (18+) who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

  • Self-referrals are welcome or can be brokered by GPs and social prescribers.
  • This is a regular, membership based support @£30 per weekly session
  • You can be based anywhere as long as you have either phone or internet access (ideally both)

What will the session be like?

After initial assesment, you will be matched to your creative adviser/ support worker.  Each phone or video session will be an opportunity for you to explore important to you issues, to set goals and to work on your own creative interests while engaging in relaxed, open and friendly conversation.  You will able to

  • Receive encouragement and support in setting and achieving goals and managing the period of isolation
  • Proactively shape the content of the sessions and share your ideas and work in a safe space
  • Discuss contacts, ideas and networks for future exhibitions, online talks, workshops, etc

Please complete the refferal form to get access to remote support