Peer Support Group

Dalston Peer Support Group

Who is the group for?

  • Adults (18+) who are experiencing minor mental health difficulties such as anxiety or mild depression and would like to engage in creative activities. [No prior experience in art-making is required].
  • Self-referrals are welcome or can be brokered by GPs.
  • £20 per weekly session.

What will the group be like?

Each session will be an opportunity for you to work on your own artistic interests while engaging in relaxed, open and friendly conversation with others in the group. The group will be able to proactively shape the content and theme of the sessions.

You will try out a range of artistic activities including drawing, painting and sculpting in a fully equipped art studio.  The participants will have a chance to meet new people, explore their creativity in a fun, friendly and supportive space. The sessions will be supported by Studio Upstairs volunteers and a trained member of the team.