Studio Members attend on agreed days to develop their own artwork in the shared studio and to participate in the community life including events and exhibitions.

There is an initial discussion of their goals, followed by regular reviews and separate opportunities for group and individual discussions on diverse topics. 

Our Members say: 

“To be able to share a space for seven hours a day is both a privilege and a luxury. Studio Upstairs is a community of committed artists who respond to each other with sympathy, support and respect. Not only is this true of the members but also of the studio managers who, as well as promoting interaction, make their own work when time permits thus removing a ‘them and us’ or therapist/client relationship. Consequently I feel safe sharing my struggles, doubts and difficulties as well as my achievements. Feelings, however muddled or negative, are accepted as material for discussion. I am never judged.” 

“I have tried a lot of different therapies but never found anything that helped me until I came to Studio Upstairs. I’ve grown so much in the last year.”