Art & Wellbeing Box

Studio Inside Theme 1:

Printing With Light

This art box activity offers a guided meditation walk and printing with sunlight. The project can be spread over the course of a few weeks. 


Inside you will find:

  • Guided meditation walk
  • Instructions and reflection booklet
  • Cyanotype paper
  • Blank cards and envelopes
  • Pins, acetate sheet, and marker pen


How do I purchase an Art box?

To order yourself, a family member, or a friend an art box click the button below to be directed to our shop.

100% of net proceeds from your art box will go towards supporting the work of our charity.

Music: Sweet

Musician: LiQWYD

Do you like drawing or painting, yet lack inspiration? 

Do you feel that you need a guiding hand to get you started - or take you further? 

Do you feel that using your creativity is a way to calm your mind? 

That is the ambition with our Artbox - an artistic guiding hand available here at your fingertip delivered home to your mailbox. For as long or as short as you need to and want to.

Creativity is not a trait of ‘creative geniuses’, we all possess them to some extent. As with all abilities, we may have more or less of them, but without practice and nurturing they cannot be improved.

Give your inner creator the chance to shine with our mindfulness-fuelled art box from Studio Inside.