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Baroque inspired scene

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Without art, the earth would just be eh

Drawing – Art, has always been my escape and a sanctuary; my way of understanding and possessing things in the world, (or not in the world), that would never otherwise belong to me …Creative activity has often been my means of avoiding¬†social navigation and the only thing in which I really excelled at, thereby giving me self-confidence, identity, or providing me with continuum or satisfaction that nothing else quite does. Mental health issues, social circumstances and family duties have prevented and frustrated my creativity for decades. I did not draw at all for many years. It was my life and has been lost and laid waste. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to reclaim this lost part of myself at the Studio Upstairs. I feel enabled and supported in a unique way to resume and actuate projects that have been quiescent for so long. I am able to share (precious) creative freedom with other individuals in parallel, and I feel less misunderstood and isolated

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Susan Di Santo