The much anticipated pain(t) exhibition opens tonight at ELECTRIC HOUSE, Willesden Green.

On offer are 19 incredible pieces of work that all draw their inspiration from the ideas of pain. Pain is a very real and difficult subject and one that everyone can relate to.

Curator’s choice: Gillian McCormicks¬†triptych of a flying eagle carrying the artists heart in its claws is a powerful and darkly dramatic piece, we have all felt at some point that our heart has been stolen, and this piece captures that pain beautifully.

Not only do we have artworks on offer but Studio Upstairs is very pleased to announce their creative collaboration with sculptor Jane Clarke – the efforts of which will be on show next Wednesday 27th at 7pm.

Jane Clarke has created an eight seater see-saw – the ultimate executive toy! Which poses questions around stress and workplace pain.

The see-saw is being used by the Studio Upstairs performance group as an interactive prop!

Jane Clarke