Open Your Art

Art Trail at South Croydon Station

An abundance of artworks have appeared in waiting rooms, along platforms and railings at South Croydon station. The rail company GTR approached Studio Upstairs, inviting us to help improve the look and feel of South Croydon Station. A diverse group of artists, all members of Studio Upstairs, responded to a call for artworks that would comfort, inspire, and connect with people passing through the busy suburban station. The art trail of images includes striking large-scale posters, intimate and reflective pieces, art with a tongue-in-cheek message, plus a cosmos of colourful bubble-shaped stickers.

The artists in this exhibition are members, volunteers and workers from Studio Upstairs. We are a therapeutic arts community with studios in Croydon, Dalston and Bristol. We support people experiencing mental health difficulties to find artistic expression and personal creativity.

Mercy Now

Andrew Mead


James Squire

Sunny Shard

Devi Raste


Edgar Causey

Cloud Streets

Toria Lamb

Worry Train

Jake Summer

Shared Ovation

Andrew Whitely

To Do Today

Toria Lamb & Andrew Mead

The Magic of the World in a Dewdrop

Etty Mathews

Warm Up Memories Plz 5T2

James Squire

You Have Done Nothing Wrong

Nicola Field

Lady Meditating at the Well

Sandra Wills

Tractor in a Field

David Fried


Sarah Lott


Grazyna Kaminska

Reach Out Be Loved

Toria Lamb

Queen Nigella

Maria Vila


Sarah Dean

Tree Question

Nicola Field


Emma White


Patsy McMahon


Kevin Francis

Walk on the Water


Space For You


Berrrrle Prrr India Arrrecatacha Perrrrlanca Dedo Lili Piquenha Lapariga

Vera Freire

Dawn Unlocks the Morning Hope Will Not be Cancelled


This exhibition has been generously supported by: Southern Print Foundry Lab, LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd, Kit Oates Photography

Also, huge thanks to: Sarah Dean, Snapped Arts; Mary Gauthier, songwriter; Andy Keane, installer and Whitney at South Croydon