Members share insights about their art practices at the Royal Academy

Studio Upstairs members participated an inspirational InPractice event at The Royal Academy in London on 29 July 2016.

Our artists Gillian McCormick, Clancy Gebler Davies and Vera Freire presented a selection of their work and shared the ideas and processes behind each piece.

Our members presented their work to an avid audience. Studio manager Kristina Page shared: “people were very impressed by Gillian’s drawings and paintings and I overheard a few ‘wows’ amongst the group.” Gillian said: “I was very nervous to speak at the Royal Academy, yet it went well, and the whole experience has left a wonderful memory.”

Our member Andrew Mead, who had previously presented work at InPractice, shared he has similarly gained confidence through overcoming his initial fears. Andrew said: “I found it helped me to overcome nervousness about doing a presentation, which is very useful.”  

InPractice events are part of the Royal Academy’s Access Community Programmes Artistic Presentations. These regular talks welcome creative practitioners who are at risk of exclusion from the art world because of various reasons due to ill mental health or disability.  The aim is to create a friendly and relaxed space where the work is encouraged to be discussed and explored.

Studio Upstairs members have regularly participated in these evenings and find the opportunity to present their artwork invaluable to the development of their artistic practices. Kristina said: “It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of an audience and talk about your artwork, but many Studio Upstairs members have done this over the past two years which has contributed greatly to the atmosphere of the InPractice evenings.”