Boosting Your Wellbeing and Happiness

by Katie Smith

Positive activities that help relaxation after a stressful day at work, or a tough week are often difficult to self prescribe. We might be aware that we need to give ourselves a bit of time out in order to cope with the build up of daily stresses, yet it can be difficult to find time, motivation or direct ourselves.

Taking a creative stance can be an extremely effective way in which we can alleviate common issues such as anxiety, stress and low mood. This is something Studio Upstairs offers in collaboration with the City and Hackney Wellbeing Network free to local residents. The courses are also open to residents in other local authorities at £20 to £30 per session.

Studio Upstairs runs those sessions so they fit around your working hours. The evening and weekend courses currently include:

Discover Your Inner Artist: explore your inner creativity and remove creative blocks in a small supportive group of people dedicated to unlock their hidden talents. This course is an intense guided journey in a closed group and will involve commitment to complete tasks and exercises between the sessions.

        11AM – 12:30PM, Saturdays for 12 weeks

Life Transitions: explore ways in which you can manage changes. The sessions as facilitated by Erene Kaptani, Dramatherapist will use movement as a way to address emotional conflicts. As the course progresses, participants will discover ways to cope with difficult transitions and feel more able to actively create life changes.

       5.30PM  –  7.30PM, Wednesdays for 12 weeks

The Art of Breathing:The course will encourage art making following short and simple guided meditations. The Art Therapist Benjamin Prosser will guide you to explore your physical and mental awareness via drawing or painting. The aim of the workshop is to give you skills in your day to day life to achieve an increased awareness, calm and creative freedom.

6PM – 8PM, Wednesdays for  4 weeks

It is important to note that no experience of art making, drama, or meditation is necessary for any of the sessions.

If you are interested to sign up for the above creative groups, please contact us on 0207 503 1330 or email to for more information.