Birthday Cake, Art and Speeches: Studio Upstairs celebrates its 25th anniversary!

‘We meet as a community of artists who come through art into the world’’

With this touching quote, Claire Manson, co-founder of Studio Upstairs highlighted the role played by the Studio in its last 25 years.  The quote was also an apt description of the night which marked the organisation’s anniversary.  Members, guests and the team behind SU, past and present came together on the date to celebrate a quarter of a century of struggle, hardship and much success. On the walls of the Seven Dials Club, a collection of outstanding members’ artworks, an ode to what the Studio has been able to achieve. On the menu: bright pink kir cocktails, nibbles and a collectively decorated two meter long cake bearing glitter covered doodles, birthday messages and quotes such as ‘Love is all’ and ‘Art is magic’.

As Ansuman Biswas, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, put it in his passionately delivered speech, Art is a means to overcome obstacles; the art of living is about creating beauty out of hopelessness.

Zlatinka Hristova, the organisation’s Director, thanked all involved in the winding history of SU with special mention to Studio members ‘without whom there would be no community’. She also used her speech to outline the importance of art in our lives:

‘What might be perceived as an extravagance, might be a necessity for the soul’

To her, the future success of Studio Upstairs would depend on our ‘courage, determination and creativity’.

Twenty-five colourful candles marked twenty-five colourful years, as they were jointly lit and blown, after an enthusiastic Happy Birthday sing along, followed by Hip Hip Hooray and all. Here’s to another 25 centuries of Studio Upstairs!

Big ‘Thank You’ also goes to the Pink Icing Company who baked the tasty cake for us!