Support Us

Supporting the work of Studio Upstairs couldn’t be easier, simply choose from the list below for a support action that suits you…

  • → Become a Friend of Studio Upstairs

    • All we ask for is a  minimum annual donation of just £30 so that you can help to maintain the vital service that we offer at Studio Upstairs. Of course if you can afford to give more please do, we won’t complain!

      To thank you for your kind and generous support we will:

      Keep you informed about what is going on in the Studio

      Invite you to all Studio Upstairs events and exhibitions

      Acknowledge your support on our website if you wish

      Give you discount vouchers for our Art Shop

      Invite you to special Friends only events

      Please email to let us know that you are interested to join!

      Thank you on behalf of all of the Studio Upstairs Team.

  • → Donate to the Studio

    • Although we continue to go from strength to strength creatively, our resources are stretched.  Your contribution will make a significant difference to increasing opportunities for vulnerable people to create art and positively change their lives.  Even the smallest amount can go a really long way.


      Make a donation using the secure MyDonate website here.


      Cheques should be made payable to Studio Upstairs and sent to either

      BRISTOL                                               LONDON

      If you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your donation, with no additional cost to yourself. Please click here to download a Gift Aid form to complete and include when posting your cheque.

      Payroll Giving

      Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way to donate to Studio Upstairs. It enables you to give to charity before you pay tax, which means if you pledge £10 the cost to you is just £7.80 if you are a basic tax payer. Some companies will even match the contributions of their employees.

      BACS Payment

      Please contact us for our bank details if you’d like to set up a one-off BACS payment or Standing Order.

      Thank you on behalf of all of the Studio Upstairs Team.

  • → Leave a Legacy

    • Many individuals choose to leave a gift through their Will to organisations they admire.

      By leaving a legacy in your Will to Studio Upstairs, you are ensuring that the charity can continue its work well in to the future. You don’t need to leave a large amount. Every pound makes a difference.

      What kind of legacy you can leave? There are different types of legacy you may wish to consider.

      • You can simply state the amount and write it in your Will.
      • It is advised that you state the charity’s name, address and registration number in your Will.
      • You can leave a percentage share – this doesn’t become eroded by inflation over time. As an example, if your provision is for 5% now, it will still be worth 5% in 20 years time.
      • You can leave a percentage of the value of your estate once your remaining commitments have been met.
      • Some people choose to leave an item of value such as property, antique furniture or a piece of jewellery.


  • → Purchase artwork from our Shop

  • → Volunteer!

    • Volunteers support us in a variety of ways – through sharing professional skills, as trustees, helping organise fundraising events and providing extra administrative support. Our Volunteers in the main arts studios are trainee or qualified therapists as well as practicing artists.
      Broaden your skills and experience volunteering and help support an arts charity for positive mental wellbeing!

      If you are interested to apply, please email by attaching your CV, indicating at which site you would like to volunteer and what skills you can offer so we can send you the relevant application form.

  • → When you shop online and at no cost to you!

    • When you shop on-line, the retailer could be donating to us!

      How it works is simple:

      1. One time registration

      2. Install the reminder on your browser so you don’t miss a donation

      3. When you shop from online retailers such as Amazon, M&S or others they donate 1-2 % of the money to us!

      Here’s your invitation link to Support Studio Upstairs when you shop online:

      When you use the link, at your first shop we will also receive £1 for the referral!

      The reminder is really helpful, please don’t forget to install it, though you can also go shopping through the easyfundraising website to compare prices and see how much each retailer is offering to donate.

      Thank you!