Danielle Hodson – Fragile


It is the quality of the unknown that I explore in my work- how nothing, in the hands of a fertile imagination can manifest into something.

To conjure ‘something’ I’ve been working with a childish game, making a scribble with a pencil on paper and finding interconnected Chimera like characters within it and, similar to the Rorschach test I recognise a connection between my psyche and these multifaceted drawings. Analysing them retrospectively I am also able to identify direct references from day to day life, making the drawings I make a cross pollination of inside and outside via the conduit of the imagination, the simultaneity of which orchestrates a chaos, one which we all navigate daily.

These drawings soon commanded a life of their own and a close proximity to Cabaret performers and their world of decadence, excess, playfulness and fun, spoke my kind of language and opened up that possibility. Beginning with costumes loosely based on my drawings I brought my characters to life, capturing them in photographs, film and later performance. Valuing the immediacy of my drawings, when expanding them into other media I work with instinct and intuition rather than a script, and I welcome all of my collaborators from make-up artists to video editors to follow suit.

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Dimensions 740 x 1010 x 25 mm

Danielle Hodson




Lino cut ink print